•  Irish Papers, (a collection of reports and correspondence on Northern Ireland), published in annually revised and amplified editions since 1985, Boston, Boston College Press.  This collection is now available on the webpage
  • La Question Libanaise selon Raymond Eddé, expliqué auxs Américains par Raymond G. Helmick, s.j., (published correspondence between author and Eddé, with communications to U.S. Administration, 1988-1990), Paris, Cariscript, 1990.
  • Middle East Papers, four volumes: Correspondence and Reports of Peace-Making Activities in the Middle East, initially in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, eventually including extensive material on Lebanon, on the 1990-91 Gulf War, on the September 11, 2001 crisis, on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
  • Two Peoples, Three Faiths: Religion and Ethnicity in the Middle Eastern Conflict.  Initially two volumes.  Volume 1: 1985-1988 Documents on Establishing the U.S./PLO Dialogue.  Volume 2: 1990 and Subsequent Documents Through Gulf War, Madrid Conference, Oslo and After.  Personal reports and correspondence, published 1998, Boston, B.C. Press, revised and amplified editions through 2005.  After 2005 Volume 2 had to be divided into two parts, updated annually, with the correspondence and reports brought up to date.  By 2006, the second part of Volume 2 was renamed Volume 3, Camp David and its Failure: the New Intifada and the Right Wing Ascendant in Israel, and the whole collection was put on discs and mounted on the website where it remains available.  A Volume 4 was added, bringing the collection up to date, 2006-2011, Election of Hamas, Siege of Gaza, Election of Obama, Arab Spring.  Other materials to bring Volume 4 on the website up to date with a still active engagement are yet to be added.