Inauguarl Fr. Raymond Helmick, S.J. Memorial Lecture

Additional Information

On December 11, 2016, the Inaugural Fr. Raymond Helmick, S.J. Memorial Lecture was held at Boston College.

Over 100 guests attended the Inaugural Lecture and listened to  Professor David Little, Research Fellow at the Berkely Center for Religion, Peace and International Affairs at Georgetown University delivery a thought-provoking lecture about Fr. Ray's "A Four-Factor Theory of the Dynamic Conflict".

Mr. Christian Dupont, Librarian of BC's Burns Library, announced that Fr. Ray's collection of 40+ years of work in conflict transformation had been donated to the Burns Library.  Once these papers have been archived, the Fr, Raymond Helmick, S.J. Special Collection will be accessible to students and faculty for academic research.

Rabbi Sandy Seltzer flew in from Arizona to deliver the opening prayer and Fr. Walter Conlon, S.J. delivered the closing prayer.  Both prayers spoke eloquently of Fr. Ray's work and life.

Attendees each received a complimentary copy of Fr. Ray's 2013 book "Lord Make Us Instruments of our Peace" edited by Sr. Ignazia, whom also graciously donated these books for this event.


Professor David Little